3D Illustration for advertising

3D illustration for advertising

3D Illustration for advertising. Here at 3DA Limited I have created many 3d illustrations for use in advertising. Producing  a varied selection of CGI for products and services. 3D illustration allows advertising agencies, designers and marketers to execute ideas otherwise too expensive or difficult to achieve in the real world. Using the 3D approach allows these free thinking concepts to be created, rendered, perfected and then used for promotion. Briefs are always different, however interesting. Producing 3d illustration for advertising requires special attention to detail. Products need to look photographic and often convey a certain aspect of the branding i.e enhanced colours or lighting the form of a bottle to bring out a certain feature.

3D illustration allows creative freedom in advertising

Many TV adverts, posters, websites and magazines feature 3D renderings. I have created moving 3D illustrations (3D animation) for television commercials, product tours and websites. For example, I produced a series of high resolution 3d illustrations for a new slimming product. Creating 3d pack-shots of the product for use in printed advertising whilst they were still in manufacture. I then received a commission to take the same 3d pack asset and animate it for the TV commercial. The use of 3D illustration in advertising can be very beneficial, especially when re-using existing 3d assets for future campaigns.