CGI Illustration

CGI Illustration is my specialism

I create CGI illustrations for many different clients and companies worldwide. CGI enables you to see highly creative ideas and concepts as if they were a reality. Using my 3D workstations, technical expertise and creative drive, I produce quality illustrations and visuals for many uses. All my CGI illustrations are bespoke, individual commissions. These usually come from art directors, designers and end clients. They all require something convincing and with a sense of ‘realism’ to convey a theme.

How is my CGI illustration used?

My CGI has featured in TV commercials, large format posters, brochures, flyers, magazines and animations. The scope of CGI is unlimited and is used in many creative arenas such as editorial, product marketing and advertising campaigns. CGI means flexibility in the creation of digital artwork, whether it is for print, websites or moving image.

I also create CGI for presentations in the design and product development industries. When a concept, idea or process is difficult to explain using traditional methods, CGI illustration can be used. Many of my CGI’s have been used in presentations, allowing the audience to instantly see the idea. Making it ‘realistic’ through CGI enables clients to asses and evaluate concepts at the front end of the design process. CGI illustration, a very useful tool indeed.