How is 3D Illustration used

How is 3d illustration used?

How is 3D illustration used? The uses for 3D illustration are wide and varied. I have created 3D illustrations for magazines, design agencies, product launches and advertising campaigns. 3D illustration can be used for websites, billboards, flyers, animations and even interactive content. Commissions for magazine covers are one arena where 3d illustration is often used. This usually includes a second piece of illustration for a relating inside spread feature. 3D illustration allows assets from one image to be utilized again in other related imagery. Allowing a theme or idea to consistently appear throughout the feature.

The scope of use is almost unlimited

Advertising often requires a blue sky approach, meaning ideas can be wildly creative and therefore inherently difficult to realize. 3D illustration allows this type of creativity to flourish and appear ‘real’. As you can see in my portfolio, I have been commissioned to create some dynamic and challenging illustrations. For example, photographing water splashing on a razor would be very difficult to control for photography. Here on my 3D workstations I have absolute control over each and every droplet and splash, allowing creativity to lead the way, not technical restraints.