3D Illustration OLD

Hello, I’m Damian Ram – I provide computer generated 3D illustration

Since 2002 my CGI artwork has been used for presentations, advertising, print, websites and even TV commercials. Have a creative idea for your next campaign? Need to see your concepts rendered in a photo-real style? Then please browse my portfolio and contact me for a quote. My creative and technical skills are combined to supply quality, 3D illustrations tailored specifically to your project. Each illustration is a bespoke creation, produced on time and on budget for your project.

Creative 3D illustration for design agencies, advertising companies & end client

Through design agencies I have worked on brands such as Gillette, Rileys, Lloyds Pharmacy and BSI. Another client base for 3D Illustration is the magazine and publishing sector. Clients include Mac User, Inside Edge, Moneywise and TATLER magazines. Projects can entail fully 3D illustrated front covers, double page inside spread features or be combined with photography. Every project is different and comes with it’s own unique set of challenges within CGI. Thankfully I am using the latest 3D software and there is always a solution to be found. The 3D illustrations are always produced digitally and the final images are rendered in high resolution. The largest illustration I have produced so far, was to cover an entire double decker bus. Equally the same image could be scaled down for use on the web.

The process is simple, I listen to the brief, endeavour to impress and always deliver

Coupled with precision and artistic flair my illustrations are used by international clientele, from varied industries. Appearing in many high profile magazines and printed advertising. Need to advertise a product before manufacture? Or impress demanding clients with computer generated visuals? Then please go to my contact page, I will be happy to hear from you.