3D Product Animation

3D Product animation – when you need to show more detail

3D product animation. Most of my work tends to be high resolution still images for print and web. However, I also offer 3D product animation services. Using the same techniques used in creating the stills, I then take the 3D models and animate them. This is particularly useful for viewing designs and products from all angles and views. Allowing the viewer to see how a product works or highlight features. This may be a simple 360 degree rotation, to show how the artwork is applied to a box. Or perhaps something more complex, such as animating the parts of a product coming together to show how it is made. When details need to be shown to clients or potential customers on your website, 3d product animations can be an excellent tool. 3D product animation is a more time consuming process than producing stills, nevertheless the final results are always worth it. Below is a summary of how I produce the animations.

3D product animation – the process

If CAD data or a 3D model already exists I can import this into my 3D program and prepare it for use. Then colour, texture and light the model until you are happy with the feel, level of realism and overall quality of the rendering. I then begin the animation process. This invloves sending test animations as I progress for approval or amends. This process continues until everyone is satisfied with the results. I then render out the animation, usually in full HD. Once  the rendering has finished the next stage is post production. I render various elements of the animation in layers, then bring everything together in Adobe After Effects. From here I can output the master video in any format and supply via web transfer.

Example 3D Animation