3D Visualisation OLD

Realistic 3D visualisation for design agencies and end client

My 3D visualisations have been used for concept development, presentations and consumer research. I produce 3D visuals for products, packaging, room layouts, POP displays and much more. Great care and attention to detail ensures all my 3D visualisation is underpinned by accuracy and artistic flair. On behalf of agencies I have created 3D product visualisations for companies such as Motorola & Wrigleys

A guide: What does 3D visualisation mean?

3D visualisation is a brilliant and versatile tool. I am commissioned by all manor of clientele, from large corporations all the way through to freelance designers (and everything in between). In essence, 3D visualisation can help anyone that needs to see something that cannot be photographed. With 3D visualisation you can change lighting, camera angles, colours and textures without huge cost and time issues, easing budget restraints.

How is 3D visualisation used?

As you can see from my portfolio there are many uses. 3D product visuals are a valuable resource to designers. At both concept stage and for advertising. For example, I can take early design concept sketches and turn them into full 3D product shots ready to show clients and then tweak for later use in promotion. I can also take existing CAD data and render it to promote a product whilst it is still in manufacture. Importing your manufacturing CAD data allows  me to render accurate representations of a product for use in marketing material.

Technical, cut-away and exploded 3D visuals can help show how something works or a process. These 3d visualisations are very helpful if you are trying to promote a complex product or process. Sometimes it is impossible to photograph the inner wiring of a cable or you need to see a room layout from above that is in the middle of a building. This is where 3D visualisation shows it’s value, a useful, versatile tool, adding value to your project.