3D Product Illustration

3D product illustration

3D product illustration. This is when marketing imagery requires a realistic, photographic feel. I have created 3d product illustrations for many products. When a product has not yet been released and needs to be advertised or marketed in a way that requires product photography, 3d illustration can really help. 3D product illustration is a versatile tool in the production of modern advertising content. All the artwork I produce is digital, therefore can easily and quickly be used for websites, inserted into moving images or sent straight to print. A product needs to be shown as it will eventually be sold and in it’s best light.

The process – option 1 – Create the wireframes

Producing the 3d models from scratch has many benefits. Creating a model from the ground up gives layers of flexibility throughout the process of CGI. Especially when applying changes for feedback. I can use 2D plans, drawings or rough sketches to create the 3d models for rendering. Using an extensive set of modelling tools to produce 3D models that match your requirements. Product illustration calls upon accurate modelling skills. This allows for fine tuning when it comes to changes. Amends can be made easily and sent back for approval on email. The timing of this depends on how accurate the models need to be and also the complexity of the design at hand.

The process – option 2 – Import your wireframes

I can also import your existing CAD data and 3d models. This could be anything from a simple in-house test model through to a manufacturer’s tooling file. Using your data to then texture, light and render out 3d product illustrations. This process also has it’s benefits over modelling from scratch. For example – lowering your costs. Importing existing models reduces turnaround, as it removes the front end task of modelling. Most 3D formats can be accepted and easily imported. It is then a case of preparing the model for the next stage in the CGI process.

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