Creative 3D Illustration

Creative 3D Illustration

Creative 3D illustration can help execute ideasĀ and themes otherwise impractical or too expensive to create in reality. For example, as you can see in my portfolio, I have a creative 3d illustration showing hundreds of pound coins being poured into a pill bottle. This, in reality, would be very difficult to set-up and photograph. Instead, I received the commission to create this in 3d for print. I began with the bottle. Gathering samples of brown plastic pill bottles to help create an accurate scale model. The same samples are then used to create the feel and texture of the ‘virtual’ bottle. The next step was to create the 3d illustrated coins, again using the same process of gathering coins and using them as reference to create virtual versions. Once these elements and the pill tray were created in 3d I could then bring alive the creative concept of the coins being filled into the bottle.

The beauty of 3d illustration is that it allows creative freedom, facilitating originality in the production of advertising and marketing materials. Creative 3D illustration is a computer based skill, allowing precise yet flexible methodology to pave the way in artwork creation. Creativity is a key driver in the production of original artwork and using digitally rendered 3d illustration helps with this process.

Some of the ideas and concepts I have helped to convey are very creative and exiting to work on. Recently, I produced a commission from TATLER magazine to run alongside an article relating to London based book shops. It went to print earlier this year. The client supplied carrier bags from the book shops, which were then used as reference to bring them to life in 3D. An accurate model of each carrier bag was created first, the artwork then applied. The next stage involved posing them into position ready for lighting and rendering. Please take a look in my portfolio to see the final piece.

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